Carpet Pro Terms and Conditions

1. The present Terms and Conditions are a contract between the Carpet Pro Belfast and Customer. Placing an order through website forms, email, Facebook or telephone and the use of our services constitutes an acceptance of the agreement.

2. Customer needs to provide access to a property and access to running water and electricity. Any parking fees needs to be paid by Customer or will be added to a total price.

3. Please be aware, that time of appointment is just approximate, we could be up to 30 minutes earlier or later. If it's going to be more than 30 minutes, we will contact you.

4. No jobs will be booked without required details (full name, address and a contact number).

5. We always try to contact customers 3 times to confirm a booking. If there's no reply we assume, that booking has been cancelled.

6. We provide only carpet and upholstery cleaning; it doesn't include furniture removal or personal belongings, however we're happy to help you with lightweight furniture. All valuable, fragile and breakable items need to be removed before our arrival. Certain items are excluded from liability (for example: antiques, artwork, items of sentimental value, jewellery, and cash).

7. Carpet Pro Belfast do not charge for cancellation, however it needs to be done at least 24 hours before job suppose to be done.

8. All prices given are based on average sizes, however they could be changed if job description given wasn't accurate (sizes bigger than given for example). Customers are allowed to refuse to pay new price and resign at any time before job is started.

9. All cleaning products and equipment used by Carpet Pro Belfast are carpet/upholstery cleaning products only.

10. Payments for cleaning services must be made by cash, bank transfer or in some cases cheque when job is completed or 3 days upon receipt of an invoice otherwise a legal action will be taken. Payment options needs to be agreed in advance.

11. If the job is not paid as stated above, late payment charges will be added to total bill.

12. In some cases, Carpet Pro Belfast will require a deposit, it has to be paid at least 24h before the date of job, otherwise we may to have to cancel the booking.

13. Customers agree that due to the nature of the service Carpet Pro Belfast guarantees only to correct any problems reported within 24 hours of the completion of the service. Reports made after 24 hours will not be considered.

14. Should clients refuse any future services to correct problems / dissatisfaction we accept no responsibility towards further problems caused by refusal of treatments & reserve the right to cancel any refunds or compensation.

15. If Customer or third party instructed by customer is not present to inspect results of cleaning, then no claims regarding any cleaning issues can be made.

16. We insure all work undertaken, insurance covers damages done by Carpet Pro Belfast technicians. However - we cannot be held responsible for existing damages.

17. By ordering Carpet Pro Belfast service, Customer accepts Terms & Conditions above.