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    1How long does carpet cleaning take?
    This depends on number of factors such as condition and type of the carpet, number of stains, ease of access to the property etc. Average flight of stairs and landing takes approx. 1hr-1hr 30 minutes, 2-3 bedroom house – approx. 2hr 30 minutes.
    2How long does upholstery cleaning take?
    Just like with carpet cleaning, the time involved in sofa cleaning depends on type of the carpet, number of stains, ease of access to the property etc. Rule of thumb is that it takes approx. 30 minutes per seating area, so a 2 seater would take 1 hour, 3 seater 1hr 30 minutes and so on.
    3How long does it take for upholstery and carpets to dry?
    This depends on type and condition of carpets/upholstery. Generally those only take a few hours to dry. Some fabrics take longer to dry than the others for example wool. We do however use drying equipment throughout the cleaning to assist the drying process.
    4Can I book on short notice?
    We always recommend giving us at least a few days notice when it comes to booking appointments. We will do our best to provide our customers with a first available appointment and keep them up to date with any cancelations.
    5What if we damage anything?
    We are fully insured business in case of any accidental damage caused by us in domestic or commercial environment. You are safe in our hands!
    6Do we always get 100% results?
    Of course we cannot guarantee 100% carpet to be like new again, however do we use top of the range equipment and best chemicals possible to make sure achieve the best possible results.
    7How do we book?
    You can book via Email, Facebook, Telephone or Live Chat on our website.
    8How can you pay?
    Upon competition of the job you can choose whether you would like to pay by cash, card, cheque, bank transfer or PayPal.
    9How you get a receipt for the job completed by us
    Yes, we are more than happy to provide you with a receipt. This can also be email to you directly.
    10Will you be charged a cancellation fee?
    At Carpet Pro Belfast we do not charge for cancellation, however to reschedule or cancel any booking you must give us 24-hour notice. The customer agrees to pay £40 of the total if she/he wishes to cancel or reschedule less than 24 hours prior to scheduled appointment.
    11Are your chemicals child and pet friendly?
    Yes, we only use professional equipment, designed to be used in busy home and commercial environment. Please let us know of any concerns as such before we begin the cleaning.