We are Carpet Pro Belfast, a Belfast based, carpet and upholstery cleaning business offering professional cleaning services to both domestic and commercial customers. Driven by a passion to cleaning industry, and through using the top leading industry equipment, we provide our customers with the most thorough cleaning results!

We get rid of the old dirt, faeces, nasty smells and awful stains using the hot water extraction method, also known as steam cleaning. Driers are used throughout and after cleaning in order to ensure quicker drying process!

Cleaning Your Carpets & Upholstery

Remember… Cleaning your carpet and upholstery helps it keep it hygienic, looking good and extends its lifespan. Our cleaning process penetrates the hidden dirt deep down your fabrics. Freshen up your home or business property by simply calling us on either 028 9532 0229 or 07469 720 541.

The work is carried out to the highest standard in a safest and sensible way. Only safe cleaning solutions are used during the deep cleaning process. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we always aim to fulfil the needs and expectations of all of our clients.



Our cleaning method is often referred to as ‘how water extraction’ or ‘steam cleaning’. It is a cleaning process which includes rising out the dirt with water between 65-120 degrees.

However, what is exactly included in our cleaning process?

First of all, it is important to assess the type of carpet or upholstery that is going to be cleaned. Before any cleaning will take place, we will determine the construction of the fabric and based on that we will choose the right cleaning system and cleaning agent for the job. Secondly, we will remove all the dry soil with our commercial dry vacuum.

A cleaning agent is then sprayed and brushed into the fibres in order to ‘lift’ the dirt up to the surface and make rising the dirt out of the carpet easier. At the same time, we will treat all the spots and stains, which are brought to our attention to make sure that the carpet will be as clean as possible in the end.

Only after all those processes are followed, the carpet can finally be rinsed with hot water/steam with added cleaning agent and deodoriser. In the end, where possible, we use drying equipment in order to speed up the drying of the carpets and the fabrics.



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