Get a better night’s sleep with a mattress professionally cleaned with Carpet Pro.

We know that a good mattress is often a big investment, which means that you may want to hold onto it for as long as possible. By having your mattress regularly cleaned you are able significantly able to extend its life and keep it clean and fresh like on the day you bought it!

Since mattress is basically an every day use item, it can often get quite dirty as a result of it. Dead skin cells, dust, grime and sweat - all find their way down into the fibers of the mattress. The truth is, those will then stay there until the mattress receives a professional cleaning treatment. At Carpet Pro, we believe that a clean mattress is essential part of happy and healthy home environment.

Unfortunately, household chemicals and cleaning equipment are often not sufficient to clean the mattress effectively. Incorrect mattress cleaning may cause permanent damage. Our technicians are fully trained and know exactly what needs to be done to efficiently and safely clean your mattress, so why take a risk, when you can contact us at Carpet Pro. We can get your mattress to look and feel fresh again, therefore ensuring a better night’s sleep. The deep cleaning process will also help to keep your home free of allergens and potentially unpleasant smells.



At Carpet Pro we provide the best mattress cleaning service in Belfast. Our cleaning staff at always fully equipped to clean mattresses of all kind for both residential and commercial customers and will provide you with a fantastic service every single time.

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